Process or Candidate?

The International Community and the Demand for Electoral Integrity

Why do outside powers promote democracy, candidates, or both, in the elections of others? In a study to be published in the APSR, Johannes Bubeck and Nikolay Marinov of the University of Mannheim argue that investments in processes and parties are mutually dependent, and are typically pursued together. The study shows how superpowers invest based on their commitment to liberalism and interest in the policy divisions among governments and oppositions in target states. The study considers hegemonies, and elections wars - simultaneous, strategic counter-investments by two powers in third-country elections. The study helps us understand an important and recurring challenge: that of aiding democracy in a world of overlapping spheres of influence among powerful outsiders. 

Our Book MS Election Wars: Great Powers and Democracy develops these ideas further.

Below is an interactive version of the Election Hegemon game we develop in the paper: play with it!