Monash-Warwick-Zurich Text-as-Data

Event date: 
Sunday, February 28, 2021 - 23:00

Monash-Warwick-Zurich Text-as-Data Workshop

February 18th & 19th, 2021

starting 7:25am UTC+0 | 8:25am UTC+1 | 6:25pm UTC+11

On Zoom (REGISTER for link)

Thursday, February 18th

7:25am | 8:25am | 6:25pm

Introduction (5 mins)

7:30am | 8:30am | 6:30pm

Presentation 1 (35 mins)

“Media slant is contagious”

Philine Widmer (St. Gallen), with Sergio Galletta (Bergamo) and Elliott Ash (ETH Zurich)

8:05am | 9:05am | 7:05pm

Presentation 2 (20 mins)

“The impact of news sentiment on the volatility surface in financial markets”

Klaus Ackermann (Monash U and SoDa Labs)

8:25am | 9:25am | 7:25pm

Presentation 3 (20 mins)

“Rescuing the hopeless”

Ivan Yotzov (Warwick), with Sascha O. Becker (Monash and Warwick) and Sharun Mukand (Warwick)

8:45am | 9:45am | 7:45pm

Presentation 4 (20 mins)

“The News Cycle and Hate Crimes”

Jacob Miller (UZH)

9:05am | 10:05am | 8:05pm

Presentation 5 (35 mins)

“Exploration and exploitation in U.S. corporate research”

Mirko Draca (Warwick), with Vasco Carvalho (Cambridge) and Nikolas Kuhlen (Cambridge)

9:40am | 10:40am | 8:40pm


Friday, February 19th

7:30am | 8:30am | 6:30pm

Presentation 6 (35 mins)

"The geometry of occupations”

Penny Mealey (Monash U and SoDa Labs), with Laura Puzzello (Monash U and SoDa Labs), Simon Angus (Monash U and SoDa Labs)

8:05am | 9:05am | 7:05pm

Presentation 7 (20 mins)

“Language-agnostic supervised classification of political texts”

Hauke Licht (UZH)

8:25am | 9:25am | 7:25pm

Presentation 8 (20 mins)

“Text Narratives in Consumer Valuation”

Tobias Wekhof (ETH Zurich)

8:45am | 9:45am | 7:45pm

Break (15 mins)

9:00am | 10:00am | 8:00pm

Presentation 9 (20 mins)

“Why Obasanjo but Germany: The Leader vs. Country Debate on the Floor of U.S. Congress”

Ashrakat Elshehawy (Oxford), with Nikolay Marinov (Houston), Federico Nanni (Turing), Ines Rehbein (Mannheim)

9:20am | 10:20am | 8:20pm

Presentation 10 (20 mins)

“Measuring National Happiness with Music”

Daniel Sgroi (Warwick), with Emmanouil Benetos (Queen Mary & Turing), Alessandro Ragano (UC Dublin), and Anthony Tuckwell (Warwick).

9:40am | 10:40am | 8:40pm

Presentation 11 (35 mins)

“Online Competition and News Quality: Evidence from the Introduction of Craigslist”

Milena Djourelova (UPF), with Ruben Durante (UPF) and Greg Martin (Stanford)

10:15am | 11:15am | 9:15pm