Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to supply letters to students as long as I have had significant interaction with a student.  Typically, that means taking a seminar, writing a paper.  A lecture by itself usually does not permit me to comment on more than your final grade, and so is not enough, unless the student has been very active in class.

As a rule, I ONLY provide recommendations directly to the institution or entity requesting them, and NOT to the student.  This is to say that my recommendations are anonymous.  In rare cases, I can make an exception.  However, there should be a clear argument why, and I reserve the right to decline to provide a recommendation if the argument is not strong enough in my view.  (The reason for this is simple - it is a world-wide norm.)

Please provide me with: 1) your CV or resume; 2) any statements of interest that pertain to the job or positions or schools you are applying to; 3) a document with a list of deadlines, and instructions for each letter.  Feel free to remind me a week, and a day before a letter is due.

I am happy to send up to five letters for you.  If you need more, I strongly suggest going with a dossier service such as Interfolio, which would require one letter from me, and all the other work is handled by the service.  Exceptions are possible, per your request.  My chair can pay for some of the fees of the dossier service if needed.

Thank you,

Professor Marinov